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These instructions assume that you have already installed the CodeIgniter 4 app starter as the basis for your new project, set up your .env file, and created a database that you can access via the Spark CLI script.


Composer Installation

Installation is done through Composer. The example assumes you have it installed globally. If you have it installed as a phar, or otherwise you will need to adjust the way you call composer itself.

composer require datamweb/codeigniter-dea-rule

Manually Installation

You can manually install codeigniter-dea-rule by extracting the project file to path app\ThirdParty\codeigniter-dea-rule and then adding:

public $psr4 = [
  // add this line
  'Datamweb\\CodeIgniterDEARule' => APPPATH . 'ThirdParty/codeigniter-dea-rule/src',
to the app\Config\Autoload.php file, however we do not recommend this. Please use the Composer.

Add Required Table

codeigniter-dea-rule After the efforts of users, it collects information with DEA emails, so that the administrator can have accurate statistical information. These attempts are stored in the logs_temp_email table. Therefore, there is a need to create a new table to store this data. Run the following command to create the desired table.

php spark migrate -n Datamweb\CodeIgniterDEARule

Publish DEARule Config in app

codeigniter-dea-rule uses a configuration file named DEARule.php. Therefore, by setting it, if you update for a new version, file DEARule.php may be overwritten, which causes the settings you have already made to be lost.

To solve this problem, run the following command to create a new configuration file in path app/Config/DEARule.php. From now on, you should make all the settings in file app/Config/DEARule.php Not vendor\datamweb\codeigniter-dea-rule\src\Config\DEARule.php.

php spark dea-rule:publish